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The process of Panchakarma involves two set of principles: Oleation and Formetation. The former one involves application of oil or oily substance on the area that has to be treated and the latter involves the therapy of generating sweat. Both the process helps to flush out the toxins from the body in order to proceed further with other steps of the treatment. So, let’s check out what are the 5 steps involved in the Panchakarma Therapy that helps to cleanse the body ayurveda treatment centre in kerala

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The very first step of Panchakarma which is induced by emetic (a medicine that causes vomiting). The patient is given both internal and external oleation and formentation therapies for two days. Once the toxin (Kapha) starts gathering in the upper body cavities, the patient is given medicine and decoction. This leads to vomiting and helps in eliminating the toxins from the body tissues. Vaman therapy is especially recommended primarily for conditions such as acute bronchitis, goitre, obesity, hypersomnia, asthma and hyperacidity.


The second procedure involves Virechan which is a medicated purgation therapy which occurs through the evacuation of the bowels. Like Vaman, the patient is given both internal and external oleation and fermentation. Once it is done, the patient is given a herbal laxative that helps in facilitating the evacuation of the bowels. The Virechana Therapy is recommended for conditions such as jaundice, celiac disease, anaemia, acute gastritis, colitis and more.


Considered as the best practices, Basti or Vasti is a unique contribution of Ayurveda to the science of healthy living. The therapy has proven to be best especially in complicated and chronic diseases. In this step herbal decoctions, oils, ghee or milk (niruha basti) are administered into the rectum which shows incredible positive results to the patient. The therapy is beneficial for vata dominated conditions such as piles, constipation, arthritis, diarrhea, anal prolapse etc.




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