How to Fix Dell Printer Errors Code 077-900


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The users of Dell printers often have a high possibility of coming across the error code 077-900. The users can easily solve this issue using the steps given below:
• The users must start by removing all the cables that are connected with the printer.
• Now open the rear access panel of your printer, and check whether there is any paper or any kind of debris that is jammed inside the printer.
• If you do find any such thing, then manually remove it carefully without causing any damage.
• It is also advised that the users clean the feed roller for your printer.
• Also, ensure that you boot your device in the customer mode to be able to run the Manual Feed Test.
• If you still hear any irregular sound, then replace the paper tray.
• Finally, close the access panel, reconnect the USB and Ethernet cables and then given a test page command.
If there is some issue which you are facing while following the steps mentioned, then the users can promptly connect with Dell Online Support. By doing so, you would get all the required assistance.
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