How to Resolve AOL Error Code 420?


投稿者:Samaira Morker  投稿日時:2019/08/06 05:33 親投稿 - 子投稿なし No.1

AOL Error Code 420 is a technical error that prevents you from using your AOL email account. You can refer to the steps below to fix Error 420 and regain access to your AOL account:
• Step 1: Update your internet browser and log in to your AOL account again.
• Step 2: Run a scan of your computer and check if there is a virus or malware.
• Step 3: Delete the cookies and clear the history before you open AOL Mail.
• Step 4: Reboot your PC and check if you can access AOL after it restarts.
• Step 5: Close any background apps that may affect AOL Mail then log in once again.
If you find that AOL Error Code 420 still appears you can call the AOL help center and ask for assistance so that you can implement a more advanced solution to resolve the issue.




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