Things you should know about security patches for people using older mobile devices should read


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What is the security of the operating system?
For mobile phones like Smart Phones, it is like a portable computer. Therefore, a security patch is very necessary. Because that is a matter of hack. The manufacturer will also have a Patch certified by different OS manufacturers.

How long will the security patches be updated? Mostly, the Patch Update mobile update usually updates for 2-3 years of mobile phones, sometimes with additional patches even after a period of time. If there is a matter that is necessary

Can you continue to use if the phone doesn't have an update?
 Same as computer Meaning that it can still be used But when entering the website or using the internet, there may be a risk that Hacker can manage and destroy our data as well. Considered as a risk that we must know

But there is good news, for example, Android 8.0, 8.1, 9.0 and 10 operating systems will get a security patch of 3 years or more, but the longest case is the iPhone 6s that continues in iOS 13 is expected to be upgraded. For a long time

How to observe that How can a mobile phone get hacked and how can it be done?
Notice if the Popup alert is abnormal. If the phone is full, even if not being used, this is another reason. One that may cause our phones to be hacked.

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