Beginners Guide to Successful Fishkeeping


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Food manufacturers recommend feeding three times per day, but if you have a new tank, this is often excessive.

If you are watching your water quality or stocking a new tank, one feed per day is usually enough. Only once you have a full quota of fish and your tank has been running trouble-free for a few months should you increase the feeding, and even then feed little and often.

How much is a pinch? Good question, because depending on the size of your fingers and the type of food you are feeding, amounts will be vastly different. Ask your retailer to demonstrate how much they feed to each of their fish, so you get a more accurate idea.

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Think of your fish as pets and you’ll agree, they deserve the best care and attention you can provide. They rely on you to keep their environment healthy. A healthy aquarium is relatively easy to achieve and maintain, but it will not happen by itself. It depends on you.

In rivers, lakes and oceans, water is cleansed and filtered naturally. In an aquarium, it’s a different story. In order to keep aquarium water clean and healthy, you must help. This means taking care not to overcrowd the tank or overfeed the fish. It means changing some of the water regularly, cleaning the gravel bed and providing the proper filtration.

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Each year, thousands of new fish keepers discover the natural wonder of aquariums. Fish keeping provides them, and now you, have the unique opportunity to not only observe another world, but to create it as well. In the process, you’ll learn about aquatic creatures and observe their behavior firsthand. And there is nothing quite like an aquarium to generate an appreciation and respect for our environment.

Fun, easy and instructive, an aquarium is a singularly beautiful, always fascinating addition to any home or office … a welcome source of entertainment, education and relaxation for the entire family.

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Once the aquarium is half full, you can add aquatic plants (live or artificial) and/or decorative rocks or ornaments. Before adding any of these items, be sure to rinse them thoroughly. When placing plants, it’s a good idea to locate larger ones to the rear of the tank, smaller ones toward the front. This ensures an open swimming area for your fish. When all ornaments and plants are in place, continue filling the aquarium to within an inch of the top rim.

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The ornamental decorations and the glittery body of fish inside the aquarium look even more mesmerizing under colorful lightings. Lightings are quite important to an underwater ecosystem, but excessive and long exposures could be equally harmful. Too little to too much illumination could lead to infestations. Biocube Aquarium by Coralife is one all-inclusive aquarium that comes with nature-loving LED lighting fixtures. The LEDs are vibrant and color-enhancing, thus illuminating the insides of the aquarium sufficiently so that you can keep an eye on the health and upkeep of your fish tank all the time. Check this link right here now




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