Best Business Website Builder Tools


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Every aspiring web entrepreneur wants to launch their vision and start reaping profits on the Internet. After all, over 70 percent of small businesses now reach their customers over the web, and 92 percent of those without a digital presence claim they will have a website up and running up the end of 2018. Businesses are competing against each other when it comes to taking advantage of the 1.6 billion consumers buying products online, and having a well-designed site can improve your prospects exponentially. However, a business website is only as good as the web builder it is based on. Check out the list of ten best website builders for small business available right now below:

Creating an attractive, helpful, and informative website yourself is a child’s play with Wix. With its template-editing tools and site generator, you can get a site up and running quicker than the competition. The editing interface also makes it easier to adjust, add, and remove page elements. The builder offers a great mix of templates, and it is simple enough to add plug-ins like reservations, contact forms, and food menus.

If you want a builder that is more streamlined and offers more modular editing tools, Weebly is your go-to site tool. What it lacks in template choices and plugin apps, Weebly more than makes up for in simplicity. It offers maps, contact forms, and other site basics. The price is also a major focal point – the starter plan for this builder costs nearly two-thirds of Wix’s Combo plan. In fact, it goes a step further and puts no limitations on storage and bandwidth.

Squarespace is useful for creating business sites with high-resolution images, prominent typeface, long pages with various sections, and plenty of neutral space around everything. The design templates are quite functional and if your business fits this builder’s young, ultramodern aesthetics, you will end up with a great-looking website. However, a critical eye is necessary to prevent the site from look cluttered and disorganized.

One of the reasons why is so popular is it is fully hosted. This all-in-one builder ensures users have nothing to worry about the technical aspects of running a site. There are numerous site creation packages available. If you want, it’s possible to begin building your business site for free with the powerful drag-and-drop template, and numerous free templates. Once you upgrade to the builder’s affordable Pro plan, you benefit from a branded email address and free domain name. Thus, you can set up your site easily and expand your business’ online presence.




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